BioWet is a new revolutionary additive for cellulosic materials

Its first application is in the paper industry where it brings exceptional mechanical strength to the treated paper, both in wet state and in dry state. BioWet is fully biobased, biodegradable and doesn’t hinder recyclability of paper or carton boxes. It is a natural polymer that we treat with green chemistry. Its mode of action is mimicking (and improving) what nature is doing in plants: the cellulose fibers are becoming much stronger both in dry state and in wet state. No change are required on the paper machine.

BioWet+ comes in addition to BioWet and further increases performances both in wet and dry state. Like BioWet, BioWet+ is biobased and can be used with the existing tools available in the paper making factories.

Main advantages of biowet

& biodegradable

Mechanical strength
in wet conditions are
dramatically improved

Mechanical strength
multiplied by up to 2 to 3

in dry conditions

Our biobased additives

Sustainability is no longer an option and using oil based and often toxic additives is becoming a real issue in the paper industry, which is actively seeking alternative solutions to move to greener and more responsible products by using the latest technological innovations in their field.

Single use plastic packaging and corresponding massive pollution are no longer acceptable and will be banned as soon as alternative solutions are available. This is a huge opportunity for the paper industry which can now offer innovative recyclable cellulosic packaging as an alternative to plastic.

FunCell is here to help the paper industry address the challenge.

Our additives not only replace several oil-based additives but they also open a new range of innovations to paper-based products thanks to the new and diverse functionalities that they can bring to paper.

In short, Biowet treated papers can be grafted with various molecules giving them new properties and this is what we call BioGraft.


Our unique expertise can help your own innovation : we provide technical advice and industrial research services in the field of chemistry and cellulosic products.

Bio based

We are using a natural polymer extracted from biomass. The process used to slightly modify this polymer is a green chemistry process.

Non toxic

Everything being natural, the additive is fully non-toxic ! We are in the process of getting the food contact approval.  


This is the beauty of our additives. They are both increasing the mechanical strength of the treated paper and at the same time they do not hinder biodegradability.


A paper treated with BioWet can be “repulped” to make new paper. 


Biowet is introduced in the paper machine at the same place where other additives are added. No change needed.

BioWet+ and BioGraft are applied on the paper surface, with well-known processes.

FunCell produces another great additive