Functionalization for Cellulosic materials

FunCell (short name for “Functionalization for Cellulosic materials”) is a company exploiting a break-through innovation from a leading edge French academic lab (CNRS) located in Grenoble/France. This innovation is the result of years of award winning fundamental research that FunCell is now pushing to its next level by proposing a new generation of additives for cellulosic materials.


We are located in a region that used to the heart of the paper ecosystem and even if this Industry has now vanished, the paper ecosystem in the region remains very active and FunCell is a living proof of it.

FunCell has already been awarded several times and was the Grand Price winner of the famous French i-Lab contest in 2020.

we are a team of motivated people working on the deployment and improvement of the technology and we are supported by important national players in the start-up eco system, including :

the French public bank for investment

the technology transfer agency responsible

for valorizing academic research

Our technology is mimicking what nature is doing in plants.

We extract from biomass a polymer which role in nature is to give strength to cellulosic materials and we further improve this capability by slightly modifying this polymer thanks to a green chemistry process. Our ambition is to serve large and global customers