BioGraft: an additional benefit

BioGraft comes as an additional benefit to paper and cellulosic materials treated with BioWet. This combination BioWet + BioGraft opens a new and vast range of applications for the cellulose based packaging industry.


How it works

With BioWet we make the network of the cellulose fibers stronger by bringing into the paper pulp an additive that has a plenty of reactive terminations linking the cellulose fibers with each other’s.

Cellulose fibers

Cellulose fibers with BioWet

BioGraft in action – Functionalization for cellulosic materials

As explained above, BioWet links the cellulose fibers with each others thanks to a chemical reaction. But all the reactive terminations of BioWet are not used to cross-linked cellulose fibers. Some of them are still available after the paper is formed and it is therefore possible to activate the same type of reaction for attaching a new molecule to the paper treated with BioWet.


For example, if you spray hydrophobic molecules with the ad hoc chemical termination on a paper treated with BioWet, those molecules will bind to BioWet which itself is bound to the cellulose fibers of the paper. At the end, you get a paper with new hydrophobic properties thanks to the new molecules grafted on the paper. Beside is a picture of a water drop on the surface of a paper treated with BioWet + BioGraft with an hydrophobic molecule.


Our unique expertise can help your own innovation : we provide technical advice and industrial research services in the field of chemistry and cellulosic products.

We call BioGraft all the molecules that can be grafted on this platform. They can bring an endless number of new properties to cellulosic materials and FunCell is actively working with its partner innovative new packaging materials using this technology.

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